Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pre-Rally Buzz

We are literally two weeks from hopping the pond from London to London. To catch up anybody new, here's our story: Ken and Calen, a father and son, from London Ontario are going to be flying the flag of medicine in the 2009 Mongol Rally. On July 15th, we depart to England, then proceed to drive to MONGOLIA! Between us and them are 16 countries, tonnes of visas, and one Medicruiser, which is to be left behind for the health care professionals of Mongolia.
Team Cangolia is traveling half way around the world to bring much needed medical service to Mongolia's nomadic people. Low life expectancy and infant mortality in the rural areas reflect the lack of access to medical care. With your help, children and families will receive excellent medical care in their home and villages. The full story is available at

Right now our passports are en route home after a few months in England collecting visas. Otherwise, we only have sponsorship left. We are 90% of the way!! That deserves a big hoorah to all who have donated to the cause already. Thank you all so much. We now have less than $25,000 to go. No one said it was cheap to deliver 21st century medicine to the other end of the world. You can donate to support Medicruiser Mongolia at

And happy Canada Day!

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