Saturday, July 18, 2009

Launch Day

July 18th
Up at the crack of dawn! Well, Ken was, Calen slept for another few hours before we had some bacon sandwiches and started the long process of affixing decals to the car, overwhelmed at the the countless names of all the generous sponsors and donors. Truly their spirits and goodwill are with us. Next we proceed to the famous Goodwood Motor speedway where we’re harassed by unsavoury border officials, scoffed at by a couple teams for having power windows, and shown t0 our own paddock just like the rest of the 320+ teams from 20+ countries.
I’ve got to admit, the Adventurists sure do know how to through an event, there was a stage and music and food and cheer. We milled around for a few hours, admiring other teams for the cahon├ęs it would take to drive their vehicle half way around the world. We watched some traditional Mongolian wrestling, heard some hints, and learned that there was a team that had raised ₤45,000+ for an MS charity in Britain.
Then we did a lap around the track at a painfully slow 20 miles an hour (the day before, on the highway, we were topping 80-100 miles per hour) then left for good. However, our old battery just can’t do the trick, so we’ve swapped it for a new one, getting half off the price with another rallyiest’s Mechanic’s Card and are currently headed to the ferry at Dover, trying to find a McDonalds to get some WiFi and upload all of this.


  1. awww Rosie!! Such a nice name for your Car :)


  2. I'd be stopping at McDonald's for more than WiFi! :-) Have a great trip guys; I'll keep an eye on this.